Friday, May 2, 2014

'First, let me take our Selfie' black and white drawing

Felt like I have not been drawing for a while so I decided to draw something based on a selfie my bestfriend took of us. Only reference the pose and clothes though, don't want it to be realistic.

Adoptable 'Yuki Onna' chibi character design

A Yuki Onna character designed for my doujin group's (NiaCube) adoptables series in DeviantArt. Check em out at HERE

'Fly' themed Postcard Art

So we visited Fly Studio to wait for a friend who is working there, while waiting we did some doodle on blank postcards. The theme was 'fly' and I ended up with this. LOL
The blush on the cat? That was from my blusher XD improvise when you have lack of tools!

3D Bling Bling modeling practice

Always wanted to model and create 3D realistic shinies *w*
Took me a whole day and a whole lot of googling to reach the final result.
Simple gem model exported from JewelCAD to practice on.
This is just for education use, model is not and will not be sold. 

Postcard to a friend in Indonesia

Sadly it had not reach it's receiver even after so many weeks ;w;

Phone Cover Art Commission

Miss Kitty