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Thursday, June 13, 2024

I'm back!!

It has been 8 years since my last post. 

I've graduated. Got a job in a VFX company. Went through life's ups and downs. 

My muse went on a holiday. I stopped drawing altogether. 

It's just work game work game lifestyle. 

The pandemic happened. Experienced a very surreal world where Tokyo is completely empty.

Work from home started, a dream come true lifestyle, hah.

Some years passed, I got married to my long time friend who I've met in FF14. We got cats.

Work starts to calm down as well, I'm now regarded as someone with experience in certain fields. 

 Found my name under some titles too. Pretty proud of it.

Still, my muse is MIA. 

Now it's 2024. 

I can feel it. My muse is coming home. 

I started doing random artsy things, even though it's not drawing.

I started writing again, although as usual I lose interest very quickly. 

I started resin art, with nails and keycaps.

I started video making, with tea as my medium. 

Although, I drop new hobbies as quickly as I pick new ones, it has been fun!

This motivated me to look back at my art journey. Back to this little page in the corner of the WWW. 

Without realizing, I've grown so much after all. My art journey had never ceased. 

Guess I'll start posting random art stuff again from time to time. 

For those who has been with me through my journey, thank you ♡