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Friday, October 5, 2012

The 'Akai Ito' that Snapped

The 'Akai Ito' that Snapped

The Akai Ito is the red thread of destiny that ties two people together in life. But what happens if one decided to break it? 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Matte Painting WIP

Here's a matte painting I did for the outdoor scene in 'The Dragon and his Princess' when the princess pushes open the door to exit her room.

I aim for a semi realistic and semi cartoon style to fit our short film. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Melted Childhood

Melted Childhood

As we slowly grow up and mature, our childhood melts and disappears into the past.

A quick digital painting with my mouse on a sketch I’ve done quite some time ago. It’s been SOOOO long since i last did any digital paintings X.x so lack of practice. 

P/S: the tree and the swing is related to my personal childhood.

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Meet

As the crying baby princess was lowered towards the baby dragon that has just emerged from the top of his egg, her cries subsided, replaced by the look of curiosity and wonder. The baby dragon shyly look up at the princess and blew warm air at her face through his snout and soon the princess was smiling and reaching out her little hands towards her new friend. 

Artist note: Another concept painting for 'The dragon and his princess' by Firefly Production.

Kite in the Meadow

'Hey little dragon' The princess stared up at the kite above them. 'One day when you're big enough to fly, bring me with you okay?' 

The little dragon trotting behind her gave a little cheerful bark and jumped forward, chasing the shadow of the kite.

Artist note: A concept painting for the current project I'm doing with FireFly Productions 'The Dragon and his princess'. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tears feat. Rokurokubi

Concept: This artwork features a Rokurokubi (a Japanese folklore youkai who is a normal woman by day but gains the ability to lengthen their necks at night) who was heart broken when the human man she fell deeply in love with went insane after seeing what she really is. To save him she took away his memories of her and the love they have been nurturing and disappears into the forest, never to appear in the human world again.

a quick doodle of the dragon watching his princess playing with her new toy, forgetting his existence.

Environment colorthumbs

Colorthumbs for Princess's room for 'Dragon & his Princess'

Colorthumbs for the dangerous waterfall where the dragon will fall.

Character Colorthumbs

Colorthumbs for the characters in 'The Dragon & his princess' for Firefly Productions.

Disclaimer: Characters line art by Gloria Chong, colourthumbs by me. 

Autumn Maiden

Green Tea Girl

Ice Palace Concept

This is a concept of a palace made of ice and snow from a story book series that I had read called 'The Books of Pellinor'. This is the Ice Palace that Arkan lived in. Arkan, also known as the Ice Witch or the Winterking, is one of the most powerful of the Elidhu, one of the immortal Elemental beings who inhabit Edil-Amarandh.
Night scene

Darnasshia Concept Art

This two concept art is painted for a story I've created. Its is about a feared lake Serpent, the guardian of the lake, that was poisoned near death due to traveling past a defiled river. Before she could go to the depths of the lake to go into her eternal sleep she must first search for a chosen couple with the heart of gold and could bear no child to care for her precious daughter until she is fully grown to take her mother's role as the guardian of the Lake.