Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Product Modeling Practice

Beauty Shot 

Physical product reference bought at a drugstore

Concept idea done by compiling photo from google

Product Poster Design Competition (Gold Medal)

-Crystalbloom Perfume by JILLSTUART.

Program Used:
-Maya for 3D modeling
-Photoshop for texturing, matte painting and beautifying
-Illustrator to put everything together

Fennec Fox Idol E.E. Progress 2

Added specularity to eyes

Hair remaking in progress

Inner body
Because Details...
Not Safe For Work! Press at your own risk!

Fennec Fox Idol E.E. Progress 1

Character 3D model base completed in Maya.

-UV Mapping
-Detailing in Mudbox
-Texturing in Photoshop

BG image from here.

Character Design: Fennec Fox Idol E.E.

Initial Sketch

Touch Up

3 Point View

Material Referemce

Character Design of E.E. The Fennec Fox Idol

This character will be 3D modelled and animated in later assignments.

Character Design: Weed

Character design done for an assignment in college for a competition.

Painted by finger on an iPad.

Program Used:

Character Design: Sloth-chan

Character designed for an assignment in school for a competition.

Painted by finger on an iPad.

Program Used:

Crystal Voo's DEMOREEL

Referenced 3D Modeling:
-CrystalBloom perfume (JillStuart)
-The Hulk (Marvel)
-Mustang P-51
-Beretta M29F (TokyoMarui)

-Pokemon Character is referenced but realistic design and concept is original

Lonely Light

'In the vast darkness, I am a lonely little Light'

Monday, March 21, 2016

DEMOREEL (without Referenced Modelling)

Compositing and Tracking Practice

Me and my Brother being Na'Vi in the land of ABATUR

Program Used:
-After Effects CC 2015

Music is 故郷の夕日 downloaded from here

Mustang P-51 3D Modeling and Animation

I do not own the music. It is 'Blue Danube Waltz' by Johann Strauss II. 

Program Used:
-Maya 2015 student version
-After Effects CC 2015
-Photoshop CC 2015
-Illustrator CC 2015

This is a Maya assignment that includes modelling from reference, texture creation in photoshop/illustrator, animation and compilation. Clouds are made in Maya as well.

Hand Life Drawing

Life drawing of my own hand posing with a pencil.