Monday, June 20, 2016

The Little Outsider: Test Render

P/S: We started implementing linear workflow into our project for scenes that needs realistic and good gradual lighting, especially in dark areas like these. The results are stunning! But it took us forever to render. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

【The Little Outsider】Project Sneak Peek by Crazy Koala Team

Character Animation & Cinemathography

Environment Model Brush Up & Clean Up


Kinokonoko Modeling & Rigging

Masukuman Modeling & Rigging

Kinokonoko character design
 Masukuman character design

P/S: Would love to share the storyboard I've worked on too but then that would be a spoiler. :D

Team Crazy Koala

Project Manager/Leader, Presentation, Animation, Rigging, Modeling
Texture Artist, Animation, Cinematography, Compositing, Title & Credits Design, Environment Modeling
Environment Modeling, UV, Texture
Storyboard, Animation
Music, Title Design, Animation, Previz Compositing, VFX
Animation, Previz & Animatics Compositing
Character Modeling, Animation, Rigging
Environment Design, Character Design, Animation
Environment Modeling, Lighting
Animation, VFX
Props Modeling
Crystal Voo
Story Planner, Storyboard, Character Design, Character Modeling, Rigging/Setup, Technical Director, Scene File Brush up & Clean Up, Cloud's Manager(google drive), Cinematography, UV

It's a crazy group full of Koalas.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Product Modeling Practice

Beauty Shot 

Physical product reference bought at a drugstore

Concept idea done by compiling photo from google

Product Poster Design Competition (Gold Medal)

-Crystalbloom Perfume by JILLSTUART.

Program Used:
-Maya for 3D modeling
-Photoshop for texturing, matte painting and beautifying
-Illustrator to put everything together

Fennec Fox Idol E.E. Progress 2

Added specularity to eyes

Hair remaking in progress

Inner body
Because Details...
Not Safe For Work! Press at your own risk!

Fennec Fox Idol E.E. Progress 1

Character 3D model base completed in Maya.

-UV Mapping
-Detailing in Mudbox
-Texturing in Photoshop

BG image from here.

Character Design: Fennec Fox Idol E.E.

Initial Sketch

Touch Up

3 Point View

Material Referemce

Character Design of E.E. The Fennec Fox Idol

This character will be 3D modelled and animated in later assignments.

Character Design: Weed

Character design done for an assignment in college for a competition.

Painted by finger on an iPad.

Program Used:

Character Design: Sloth-chan

Character designed for an assignment in school for a competition.

Painted by finger on an iPad.

Program Used:

Crystal Voo's DEMOREEL

Referenced 3D Modeling:
-CrystalBloom perfume (JillStuart)
-The Hulk (Marvel)
-Mustang P-51
-Beretta M29F (TokyoMarui)

-Pokemon Character is referenced but realistic design and concept is original

Lonely Light

'In the vast darkness, I am a lonely little Light'

Monday, March 21, 2016

DEMOREEL (without Referenced Modelling)

Compositing and Tracking Practice

Me and my Brother being Na'Vi in the land of ABATUR

Program Used:
-After Effects CC 2015

Music is 故郷の夕日 downloaded from here

Mustang P-51 3D Modeling and Animation

I do not own the music. It is 'Blue Danube Waltz' by Johann Strauss II. 

Program Used:
-Maya 2015 student version
-After Effects CC 2015
-Photoshop CC 2015
-Illustrator CC 2015

This is a Maya assignment that includes modelling from reference, texture creation in photoshop/illustrator, animation and compilation. Clouds are made in Maya as well.

Hand Life Drawing

Life drawing of my own hand posing with a pencil.