Monday, June 2, 2014

Group Project: The Dragon and His Princess

This is a final project by 'Firefly Productions', a group consisting 6 girls from different majors under 'Digital Animation' course in The One Academy of Communication Design, Malaysia.

The story is about a Princess and her pet dragon who were very close to each other. But one day the princess was given a new toy doll which she instantly fallen in love with. Soon the dragon started feeling neglected...

Firefly Production Group members
Director: Imaan Asri
Producer: Evelyn Seng
Screen Writer: Crystal Voo
Art Director: Gloria Chong
Technical Director: Daphne Goh
Composited by: Fredlina Jau

Co-op with students from Hal College, Tokyo
Music by: Shouichi Kida and Takuha Hatta
Sound Effects by: Chan Kean and Munenori Kano

Although we were all given specific job titles the whole project was done together with teamwork.

Jobs I have done in this project:
-Brain storming
-Screen writing
-Sketches for ideas
-Color thumbnails for scenes and characters
-Matte Painting for background
-Modeling for doll
-Modelling for shrubs, trees, decorative ornaments.
-Model check and clean up
-Rendering shots
-Arrange the garden.

This project was done in a span of 1 year as each class for the final year was crucial for our step by step advancement towards completion of our project. There are good times and bad times, but all in all I am proud to have work with these talented classmates/group mates.

This project was completed in October 2012.