Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inktober Project

Inktober is a project where artist paint and draw with ink only for the whole month. Some paint everyday, some paint every week and some just paint at random. This is my first time joining the bandwagon and decided to draw all of them on postcard paper and maybe sell it if anyone is interested. 

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Work in progress.

Drawn on paper, picture taken and painted with ArtStudio on iPad3. No stylus used. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Phone cover illustration

A comission for my best friend who wanted her phone cover personalized. I was asked to design a simple illustration of a love story between a cat and a fish, after that she sent my artwork to an online shop that does phone cover printing. 

Drawn on watercolor paper, painted with japanese watercolor. 

Face painting practice

It has been a while since I practiced painting illustration style so I decided to do so to see how good (or terrible) my current skills are. As usual it is drawn on paper and later on brought into my iPad to paint. I prefer my iPad to my computer because it is more convenient, simple and mobile. Also I find more fun painting with my fingers instead of the usual tablet pen. Fingers have more friction than a tablet pen after all. 

Drawn on paper. Painted in an app called ArtStudio in iPad3. No stylus used. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Folded Fan Painting

Summer is here in Japan and it's CRAZY HOT! So i decided to drop by Daiso to grab a cheap fan. The muse in me would not miss the chance to personalize my own fan and so I bought a completely white fan to paint on. During my visit to my previous host family's home for dinner, granny took a great liking to the fan, saying it gives out an emotional vibe. So before I went home I decided to give this to granny as a gift. Well, back to dying in heat! 

Medicine and Poison (character design)

It started out as a doodle and ended up as fully painted character design illustration. 

Medicine and Poison, the twins who does not look like it but are medical geniuses. Of course that is not their real name but they do so to conceal their background and to protect their family due to reasons unsaid. No one knows more than their nicknames but yet they are welcomed by most due to their skills and knowledge, but it was said that one man found out something odd about them and decided to poke his nose where it is not wanted. Soon, he caught a rare disease and past away. 

Drawn on paper, painted in an app called ArtStudio, on iPad3. No stylus used. Filter done in instagram.

Book cover design

I have always been a fan of henna art and practiced it quite a while ago when I was still in college. Now I like to blend what I have learned from henna patterns into my own art style. This is drawn on a plain notebook I bought for my current Japanese class. If anyone is interested I would like to draw more of these to be sold, of course every book will be different and the design will be up to the buyer's reference. 

Sakura Palace

This painting is referenced from a picture found in google image when i search for sakura and japanese palace so I am not sure where is this exact location. I painted this as a last minute birthday present for my host father. 

Medium: watercolor 
Canvas: watercolor paper 


So recently I have been into postcard painting since I am so far away from home and I want to stay connected to friends and family. Below are the postcards I painted, it starts from the most recent one made. 

Medium: japanese watercolor
Canvas: watercolor postcard papers (recent few are overlaid with ironed-on japanese sumi-e paper)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Ms. Sloth

Painted in Papers app in iPad. No stylus used.

I Am

Artwork dedicated to International Woman's Day.

Painted with Papers App in iPad. No stylus used.

Jade Residence Beauty Shots

Artwork I've done for the company I temporary work for, for advertising purposes.

Morning scene
Photo Editing (photoshop) : Me
Photographer (iPad 2)  : Me
Base product: Miniature Model

Night scene
Photo Editing (photoshop) : Me
Photographer (dslr) : Mr.Loh
Base product: Miniature Model

Simple Animation fun

A little something I made for fun in office. This Buzz is one of my colleague. Quite happy how it cracked everybody up.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Inuyasha fan art

Painted with Paper app in iPad.


Commissioned by a friend.

Painted with Paper App in iPad. No stylus used. 

Cat x Dinosaur Characters

Cat x Dinosaur characters.

Commissioned by a friend.

Painted with Paper App in iPad. No stylus used.